A little about me...

Carrie Apostle

Ballroom Instuctor
Fitness and Nutrition Coach
Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

Carrie was born and raised in the Soo. Her passion for dancing is driven by her heart to express and share energy, creativity, and "joie de vie".

Carrie is currently working with the Fred Astaire Ballroom franchise in Ottawa, ON and Orlando, FL.  She also holds a diploma is fitness and nutrition so if exercise is a factor, she will be a good fit.

In addition to being an instructor and coach, Carrie is a recognized for her involvement in community theater and community events.  Carrie is also a local advocate for Organ Donation, herself having been the recipient of a kidney transplant (with unyielding gratitude to her brother Alan) over 10 years ago.


Ballroom and Beyond
Sault Ste Marie
(705) 942-6449
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