Do as you dream. 

        Live what you love. 

Carrie Apostle

Ballroom Instuctor
Fitness and Nutrition Coach
Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

Ballroom Instruction: Individuals, Couples and Groups

Whatever your motivation or inspiration, Ballroom and Beyond will give you the foundation to have fun with dance and if you choose it, the pathway to advancing and mastering your skills and performance! 

Why choose Ballroom Dance?

  • fun and good exercise - any fitness level, any age
  • exercises your brain
  • enhances existing relationships and builds new ones
  • broadens your social life at home and on holiday
  • clubs, parties, celebrations, cruises, resorts, intimate nights at home are more fun!

Dream like there are only tomorrows, live like there is only today, for all eternity! Take the step to find out more!

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Ballroom and Beyond
Sault Ste Marie, ON
(705) 942-6449
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